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When will the cycle stop?

When will the story end?

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Name:Rose Tyler
Birthdate:Apr 27

But she's not Rose Tyler, not anymore.
Doomsday. It wasn’t the Cybermen or Daleks that had done it, but that was the day Rose Tyler had changed into someone she no longer recognised, fulfilling her mother’s prophecy for her. That was the day that she took Ianto’s side arm and killed Lisa for him. That was the day Rose had declared herself the head of Torchwood One; the day all of this started. Life without the Doctor–life without sanity, without pity, without her mother’s tempering influence. Day One. -A Life Without

According to the theory of the universal wavefunction, there exists a reality for every possibility. A consequence for every unmade choice. There exists a world and universe for every story left untold.

To this Rose Marion Tyler, it has become more than a theory. It's become chilling reality. Those alternate universes nearly destroyed her own when they invaded hers. Her universe was rescued by the Doctor's timely intervention, but at a terrible price. While the Doctor and Rose clung to safety, watching Cybermen and Daleks zoom away into the Void, one of the levers malfunctioned and began closing the bridge between their universe and the Void too soon.

The Doctor was able to reach the lever safely and renew the pull of the Void, but it was too strong for his grip, and Rose could do nothing but reach ineffectually as he fell. Though a last moment rescue by Pete spared his life, the rescue came at the price of being trapped in a parallel universe.

The months afterward were a blur of darkness and emptiness. Rose worked to clean up the remnants of the Cybermen and Dalek war inside Torchwood and outside it, and watched the TARDIS slowly die. By the time a disgruntled Jack made it through the political dance of hers and his Torchwood, Rose was an irrevocably changed person. All that could be offered was balm to sooth, rather than to cure.

Her world changed once more when another TARDIS arrived, bearing a different Rose and a different Doctor. In their brief adventure to once more seal the walls in her universe, the different Doctor resuscitated the TARDIS and keyed it to her genetics as a gift to Rose and to the universe without a Doctor.

Now Rose travels the universe, searching for a way to bring back her own Doctor, drawing what knowledge she can from the TARDIS' databanks, slowly suffering the inevitable degeneration from the weight of the knowledge she gradually puts upon herself in her efforts.

Now she can be seen wandering strange, alien markets, a billion miles from home, a million years from London, sometimes with others, sometimes on her own, by anyone who cares to look. But it's not Rose Tyler, not quite, not anymore. It's someone else, something else, scarred and changed by the years and the strife, going through the motions and offering help to any she meets, because the Doctor no longer can.

Not actually Rose or Billie or BBC or anything official. Such is the plight of RP. If that makes some sort of sense. This journal rejects RTD's improbable claim of the Doctor's multiversal uniqueness in favor of one that makes sense.

The plot elements of her backstory come from Doctor Who and Torchwood, specifically Doomsday and Cyberwoman, the DW fanfic One Times Infinity, by me, [info]darkbunnyrabbit, from an alternate universe inspiration drawn from aforementioned fic, and from the fic created from the idea, A Life Without, by [info]spastasmagoria. It's quite the circle of fanfic inspiration.

Moved out of paragraph so it's more visible: Everyone who is involved in this journal, both muse and mun, are of legal age. Everywhere.
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