Nov. 16th, 2011

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Let's try this again.


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Verse-Specific CR
Peter Vincent
Idiotic, violent, foul-mouthed Doctor doppelganger with a drinking problem and extreme insecurity issues. They fight almost as much as they...don't. And they don't quite often. There's somewhat less venom in their fights, though, as he slowly becomes comfortable with the concept of her sticking around, and she falls for his stupid, stupid self.

....Which is to say she's stupidly in love with him, despite his talent for driving her up a wall.

Mentally, not physically. She doesn't mind the physical walls so much.
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The Doctor (Hers)
He conned his way onto the TARDIS, lied to her about who he was and why he wanted her help, and fought tooth and nail for her trust just to reveal he'd been lying to her the whole time. Yet, in the process he did manage to prove he was the Doctor from her world. For real this time, and very cross she had to deal with an impostor.

She...loves him. She wants to love him, anyway. She wants to trust him and everything he says, and to be relieved he already knows what she's done in her time. She enjoys the connection with him and the TARDIS, too, but...she can't help waiting to wake up and find him out he's thrown her out of the TARDIS and rejected her the same way the old not-him did. Even more, she's afraid he'll accept her and everything will be wonderful like she used to hope for, and then one day he'll die or be taken away again like everyone else she's ever cared about always has. It makes genuine intimacy difficult
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Michael David

He only looks and acts almost exactly like the Scottish professor she fell for once, and who she had to watch die a very drawn out and painful death. She's so torn between wanting another chance, not wanting to use an innocent person in a ridiculous fantasy, the fear that she'll get the second chance and the same thing will happen all over again, and the desire simply to save him from that fate, that she always ends up acting like a spaz-idiot with him.
[ profile] reallynothim
Rose Tyler
The Rose whose universe was destroyed with the return of Gallifrey, and who was eventually adopted by one of the roving Doctors. She's looking for a way to extend her life so she can be with the Doctor longer.

Rose both pities and envies this younger version. She's lived the life Rose would rather have, but the interference of the broken universe has derailed the life she should have, and she, being young and naive, is piloting her way to heartbreak. She hopes her younger self will succeed in what she's trying, but doesn't believe for a second that she will.
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Rose Tyler
The broken ghost of a Master that Rose does her best to help. She met him about the time that everything in the universe was falling apart, and most of her friends had left (or she was deliberately avoiding them). She's fond of him, and has promised to find a way to either fix his hunger or stop the drums, but she's drifted somewhat now and doesn't go looking quite as much as she used to.

She always brings along food if she's intentionally visiting him, but she doesn't find the lack of it an excuse to bite her. She's very firm about that.
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Meta CR
The Metacrisis Doctor
She loves him. Luffles him. She's happy with him, she really is. She's angry about the way the Doctor put them together, but she doesn't blame this Doctor for it, and she's completely ready to try to make a life with him.

A life with adventures and aliens.
[ profile] metacrisisman
The Ninth Doctor



She doesn't know what to do with him. She loves him on principle,'s the Doctor who's gone, except from after that in his time line. How is that even possible? What does that even mean? She doesn't know what to think about anything concerning him..
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