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This is less current than an undercurrent and overarching character development of hers.

Yes eventually she'll have enough for an actual mix.
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The return of 'related L!Rose videos'

It's rather fitting for her love life in general, at least as far as her choices tend to end up dead or trapped in parallel universes.
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So, Rose's universe started with a relatively small change: the Doctor fell instead of Rose. The change increased by the alternate Doctor arriving and altering things so that Rose could travel in the TARDIS and protect the universe in her Doctor's stead. So, it seems best to go through the things that did and didn't happen in her universe.

This is not a list of how differently they happened, just whether they did or not. Nor is this necessarily happening in the same order. Just whether the adventures did happen at some point or another.

Season 3 )

Season 4 )

Specials )

Season 5 )

Season 6 )
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One of the more fun parts of this specific Rose is that she gets to decide who gets to ride in the big blue box with her. Not even the Doctor can do it alone, so in her adventures, Rose will also be picking up Companions along the way (Quite possibly more than one at a time, too, given that she is not as much of the Doctor as she'd like to be).

If you'd like a pup to be a part of aforementioned adventures and companionship, leave a comment here. We can handwave how the pup ended up joining, or try and play something out. Either way, we can work on some details if you like.

Given that Companions will likely determine verses of their own, I'm combining Companion-list with the verses.

Surrogateverse - Rose usually travels with her dear friend, Donna. Usually, they also bring along Amelia Pond and a young Helen Magnus. Sometimes, they'll also have Jack Harkness and Elle Bishop along as well. It's a crowded TARDIS, but they have all sorts of fun. Depending on the day and who is with her, she can be very Doctorish, or she can be close to Rose.

Brokenverse - Rose found her Doctor only to realize that they'd both changed too much to go back to the way they were. After a few months of struggling, they chose to part ways again, and to Rose's surprise, she found herself still in possession of the TARDIS. While she was still struggling to decide how that was meant, her Doctor changed his mind and snatched the ship away from her while she was out. The fall out of the theft, even after it was eventually returned by the broken--and somewhat psychotic--Doctor of the broken universe, shifted Rose's personality in a way it hadn't been since Canary Wharf.

She travels alone now, lacking the trust to allow anyone near her TARDIS anymore, has distanced herself from Doctors as a whole, save for those who remained with her when her TARDIS was stolen, and become much colder. She's bitter and spiteful toward her Doctor, and while she still cares for and protects Earth and her universe, she simply doesn't care as much anymore. She's become much more detached, and much more tolerant of things that she would have once been outraged by, refusing to try to live up to the Doctor's moral structures. As of yet, she doesn't realize that the Doctor who caused all of her troubles was not, in fact, her Doctor at all.

Rebuilding (Inactive) - She's found her Doctor (her proper Doctor) in the most random of alien marketplaces, after an attempted message went wrong and landed him in the proper universe instead. Naturally, instead of talking things through about the years they'd spent apart, both have thrown themselves back into adventure, as if they'd never left.

Sooner or later, the unanswered questions will catch up.

Fractured - After the loss of everything, she fled the broken universe, sought out familiar faces in her own universe, and pushed herself to forget Doctors broken and sane, and the mild-mannered Professor who'd never been born.

She froze her biological clock, and spent two years wandering her universe--almost exclusively on her own. In that time, she discovered the recording the TARDIS kept of the broken Doctor's confrontation with her own Doctor. With that, she learned what neither had stopped to tell her: the Doctor she thought was her own was only a close alternate. Her own Doctor remained lost.

While she retains a certain bitterness toward Doctors--that none were her own does not excuse the actions or disappearances of the others, and the one she'd thought was hers remained so similar it required void-stuff to differentiate them--she has finally returned to the broken universe, although much less time has passed for it than for her.

She still travels alone, but she trusts others enough to travel in her TARDIS for short jaunts, if necessary, and recently the professor that shared a body with a different Doctor suddenly reappeared. She has yet to confront what it will mean when he vanishes again. As he always does.

Future - An offshoot of Surrogate. One hundred years (or so) later, Helen Magnus has lost a bet. For that, she's returned to traveling with Rose...for at least two months. If Rose has any say in it, they'll be a very long two months indeed.


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