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So it's been a year, why not another.

It's time for 'What Rose thinks about you' remix. The rules remain the same! Comment here, get a block of text of what she really thinks about your pup. (Or pups, if you want.) It may be sizable, it may be short and sweet. If you play with her in multiple verses/games, then specify which one you mean. Or multiple, if you want.

Afterward, if the mad urge takes you, you can always throw this up in your pup's journal.
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So, Rose's universe started with a relatively small change: the Doctor fell instead of Rose. The change increased by the alternate Doctor arriving and altering things so that Rose could travel in the TARDIS and protect the universe in her Doctor's stead. So, it seems best to go through the things that did and didn't happen in her universe.

This is not a list of how differently they happened, just whether they did or not. Nor is this necessarily happening in the same order. Just whether the adventures did happen at some point or another.

Season 3 )

Season 4 )

Specials )

Season 5 )

Season 6 )
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Um. I figure she's got enough AU relationships, it's best to get it clear who all she actually knows. And the AU particulars.Awesome.


Amelia [livejournal.com profile] didntwait - The wee little girl who ambushed Rose and Donna and demanded to see the inside of the blue box, and got a tour of the universe for her troubles. She's very much the two girls' little sister. Even though she's all grown up now and geeked out on physics. To Rose, she's always going to be the spitfire little one, but she's as permanent as Donna.

Blue Eyes [livejournal.com profile] morethanworthit - He crashed in her world, and she and Torchwood did something to help him get out that's never been disclosed. In return, he changed she and the TARDIS so that she could fly it. (And as a bonus, outfitted the TARDIS with void dampeners, just in case.)

Donna [livejournal.com profile] forevernoble - One of the first friends Rose made after Canary Wharf, the strange woman who appeared in the dying TARDIS on the Christmas after the Doctor vanished. Over the years, Donna's become one of Rose's closest friends, and a little bit like a sister although saying who is older would imply either had any maturity at all. Donna isn't always traveling with her, but Rose can't imagine traveling on a long term basis without her.

Elle [livejournal.com profile] snarky_blonde - We'll just have to see, won't we?

Helen [livejournal.com profile] iwillnotsettle and [livejournal.com profile] howflattering - Rose...sort of kidnapped the poor girl after spilling her tea and deciding she needed to get out and see another side of the universe, outside of Victorian England. She may have gotten her hooked on chips and ice cream. Rose was quite pleasantly surprised to meet her again in present day, as head of the Sanctuary organization. And she may or may not have done so while still traveling with younger Helen.

Ianto [livejournal.com profile] ihasastopwatch - The first person she allowed in the TARDIS. Their relationship started out as violent as the battle of Canary Wharf, when she used his own weapon to kill Lisa, right in front of him. He's also the person who kept her from going completely mad, or working herself to death, although he did get her a bit hooked on coffee. After she managed to get a grip on herself, their relationship became a bit more pleasant. She trusts him implicitly--enough to hand the reigns of Torchwood One over to him once she started traveling. She also may have fallen for him a lotittle. But she'll never admit it. Ever. Theirs is a strictly professional friendship.

Jack [livejournal.com profile] jackoffhearts - The one who managed to shock her out of the cold and the numb madness she fell into after Canary Wharf. He's the only one who remembers the Doctor and life before the war. They were lovers for a short time, before the TARDIS was repaired, and she still loves him (as she freely admits), but he's Jack Harkness. Who doesn't love him at least a little bit? He's never been a consistent companion, but he has traveled with her and Donna from time to time.

Owen - She's...never really liked him all that much, but she does trust him. After a fashion. And he was among the crew who managed to adapt the nanogenes for Torchwood use.

Toshiko - She's never gotten to know Toshiko all that well, but Tosh is the one who not only created Torchwood's version of the sonic screwdriver, but was instrumental in creating the nanogene room.

Is that everyone? I think that's everyone. I may add and become more meta-like to this as I go along.
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*Affronted* They are NOT for 'squish-squishing'!


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