Nov. 5th, 2010 04:43 am
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Icon hunting is...generally pretty crappy. Icon making can be pretty time consuming and frustrating, especially if you don't have decent programs on hand, or just don't find they're satisfyingly done.

So, for anyone suffering from a lack of icons, or rather worse, a lack of variety or satisfying quality of icons, I offer to make some. There are other lovely icon-requesting services, such as Hollow Art, but given the limited volume I'll be dealing with, I should be a bit faster and potentially will offer more. My style tends to be minimal effects, with strong contrast, color, and sharpness (icons I make for myself are a bit over-sharp, because I like the effect, but I'd pull back on that for general ones). I can't guarantee the number I'll make, it's entirely whimsical, but I'd make at least 15 unless asked for less.

Examples of RP icons I've made are here, here, here, and here. I am capable of icon-manipulations, from changing colors to changing details such as people/things in the background/middleground (or say removing a reasonably small object from the foreground), to ship/friend-sorts, as well. (This is a better example of said ship-possible manips, though the icon version itself was made by the fantastic [livejournal.com profile] brilliantrouble)

Unless it's a character from Doctor Who, I'll need screencaps/raw images for whatever you want. Screencapping from sources I have is an enormous pain that leaves me with thousands of scrap images, and finding images for source I don't have is usually highly frustrating. Furthermore, I don't tend to make icons for exclusive use unless there's...well, a good reason for it, and it's specifically requested. Do credit either this journal or my personal one (if you happen to know it)

Otherwise, I have no other rules for requests. Just say the character you want, and the general purpose (are you looking for interactions, emotions, specific characters, manipulations, or a general mix?) I sometimes have a busy schedule so I may not get to it immediately, but I'll work on them whenever I have time.

This offer extends to anyone sharing a verse or game with Rose, or anyone she plays with on a semi-regular basis. If you happen to know another of my muses you play with/are in a game with, then it applies to you, too.

If for some reason you have a burning need to use icons of Ray Stantz, Cameron Mitchell, Ten.5, or female!Tennant, then feel free to do so.


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